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Timmy’s Legendary Grilled Pizza follows a Providence tradition (more on that later) by preparing its pies in a most unique way — on the grill.

The grilled pizza was lighter than most pizzas we experience. The crust had a great crunch and just the right amount of char. We selected a pie that was bursting with fresh, vibrant ingredients.

Where to get it:  While Al Forno’s remains the inventors gold standard of the style, their Providence counterpart Timmy’s Legendary Grilled Pizza is indeed legendary, and a nice alternative to Al Forno’s — if you are looking for one. Despite the “gourmet” affectation, The PizzaGourmet is a little more low-key than Timmy’s or Al Forno, but their grilled pizza is worth a stop on the “Providence grilled pizza tour” you are undoubtedly planning right now.

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